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Proprietary hardware and software solutions for Flight Training and Disaster Management:

Improves the effectiveness of Flight Training
via enhanced debriefing

Supports teams of first responders facing
natural disasters

Intaero develops systems to manage information

Understanding that too much information can inhibit decision making, our software solutions display data selectively,
to bring clarity to complex situations.


Records relevant aircraft data during flight
Displays the data in a debriefing system
Supports objective assessment of training flights
Enables pilots to learn from the experience
Assists the trainer to highlight key moments
More Infoaircom debriefing flight training tool software programme

Maximising the value of all pilot training sorties


Designed for Network Centric Operations (NCO)
Hardware and software connects all team members
Assists management of all types of disasters
Keeps first responders safer
Reduces environmental / property damage
More Infowildfire support software organisation team trackers radios safety

Supporting  decision making during the response to disaster

Systems designed for people

We live in the information age when the quality of the information determines the effectiveness of our decisions. At Intaero we believe in developing systems which adapt to the requirements of their users, rather than requiring people to adapt to the systems.
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