The Real World

35 years of innovation

Intaero was founded in 1986 by test pilots from the RAF and our core business model has been to create innovative solutions to meet operational challenges.  Intaero has:
Established The International Test Pilots School.
Supported satellite mission control centres around the world.
Developed specialist Network Centric Operations platforms.

Integrated software and hardware solutions 

Intaero has developed DART:
To leverage military grade technology to save lives during natural disasters.

Intaero presents AIRCOM:
A flight training, debriefing tool, which was always needed and now is possible.

Intaero has also developed NETS:
To train AOC operators to work together as a team with other elements in a Large Force Exercise.

The Team

We are a growing and committed team. Well established now in Thailand at our company HQ, where our technical and software development team operate from. We are expanding into Europe and Australia to support in efforts to fight against the ever increasing threat of wildfires. 
James was a test pilot in the Royal Air Force. Trained at Cranwell he went on to help form the first Jaguar squadron in the UK and then the first Jaguar squadron in Germany. He attended the US Navy Test Pilot School where he received the best Student award. This was followed by a tour, flight testing the Harrier and Jaguar. After which he trained test pilots as the principal tutor at the Empire Test Pilots School, specializing in aircraft handling, digital control systems and display formats.

After leaving the RAF, he founded International Aerospace and established the International Test Pilots School in the UK. Following the sale of the school (which is still to this day operating successfully in Canada) he worked with satellite software, data link development, systems integration and a Common Operating Environment development. James continues to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions which adapt technologies previously developed for the military to meet the pressing need for disaster management and mitigation.

Managing Director

James Giles

Squadron Leader RAF (rtd.)


M.L.Chititewan Devakul

Khun Pete has always worked in the fields of weather modifications, aviation, and weather for aviation. He worked with his late father Debriddhi Devakul who founded the Bureau of Royal Rainmaking in 1969 under the direct royal command of HM, the late, King Bhumibol. Pete was a flight operations inspector for the Department of Aviation and also worked on computer flight planning and weather with Thai Airways, both in Thailand, Europe, and the USA.

Pete modified an 80' wooden rice barge with engine, live-aboard cabins, and septic tank, etc. for the Chao Phraya Barge program. This program offered children educational school trips cruising between Bangkok and Ayudhya. He also took care of the bilingual, Tridhos School which is now the premises of the Prem Tinsulanonda International School.

Pete was an expert and pilot with the Royal rainmaking department, studying and researching weather patterns and helping to enhance the annual rainfall in Thailand to relieve all the needs of farmers and the overall water supply in Thailand. He coordinated and made observation on forests, weather, wildfire, smoke, and air quality situations. He also transferred the technology to a number of countries overseas.
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