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35 years of innovation

Intaero was founded in 1986 by test pilots from the RAF and our core business model has been to create innovative solutions to meet operational challenges.  Intaero has:
Established The International Test Pilots School,
Supported satellite mission control centres around the world,
Developed specialist Network Centric Operations platforms.

Integrated software and hardware solutions 

Intaero is proud to present AIRCOM:
A flight training, debriefing tool, which was always needed and now is possible.

Intaero has also developed DART:
To leverage military grade technology to save lives during natural disasters.

Managing Director

James Giles

Squadron Leader RAF (rtd.)

James had an interesting career in the Royal Air Force. Trained at Cranwell he went
on to help form the first Jaguar squadron in the UK and then the first Jaguar
squadron in Germany. He attended the US Navy Test Pilot School where he was
awarded the best student. Flight testing the Harrier presented its fair share of
excitement and fear and following this he joined the RAF Test Pilot School as Senior
Tutor, specializing in aircraft handling, digital control systems and display formats.

When he left the RAF, he established the International Test Pilots School in the UK.
Following the sale of the school he invested in data link development, Common
Operating Pictures and a Common Operating Environment. He continues to develop
innovative cost effective solutions which meet pressing operational needs.
Paul is an accomplished computer software/systems engineer with a wealth of experience in all phases of projects from conceptualization, requirements capture, analysis, design, development, testing, integration, acceptance, support and training. Projects have primarily been defence related with an emphasis on data management and Command & Control.

Paul started his career working with Ferranti International developing Command and
Control systems and designing and implementing tactical data links and radar
interfaces for the Royal Saudi Air Force. After joining International Aerospace he
developed a generic Common Operating Picture with role-based access and
sophisticated information security measures. His many other accomplishments
include developing an emulation of Link 16, a Tactical Data Link Bridge to enable
multiple links and formats to be integrated and an emergency alerting system.

Paul has the experience and skill to develop unique solutions for Intaero which combine operational focus, ease of use and reliable software performance.

Chief Technical Officer

Paul Shaw

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