DART presentation at EDRR Indonesia 2023

Intaero was proud to present DART at in EDRR 2023. Emergency Disaster Reduction & Rescue (EDRR) Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia attracted expositors and visitors from across the Asian Pacific region.

Our stand was well received and much frequented by visitors eager to know more about our innovative solution for comprehensive disaster management.

Our friendly team was on hand to meet and greet all passers by and demonstrate our proprietary technology.

We would also like to thank our partners from Spain, Dronetools s.l. for providing a demonstration model of their Halcón Gimbal. Visitors to the stand got a first hand experience of how we use  the visual and IR cameras in the gimbal, mounted on a UAV, mark wildfire hotspots and the extent of the fire line and send the data in real time to DART to be available immediately at all command levels.

Once hailed as the "Holy Grail of woodland firefighting" Real-Time information on all assets, personal trackers for all first-responders and robust "off grid" comms is now not only viable, but available. Safety is paramount, and we believe more should be done to safeguard the lives of the people who put themselves on the line to protect us from wildfires and bring the public to safety in the aftermath of disaster. Thanks to DART more can be done to save lives, protect property and reduce the losses due to wildfires.

If you'd like to know more about how DART enables effective decision making in Disaster Management situations by sharing the information with people who need it, real time, you can contact us here.

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