STAT/EXPO/0001 Issue 1
Issue Date: 20/09/2023
Intaero Co. Ltd. is a Thai company supported by the Board of Investment and operating under Thai legislation and regulations, including the Export and Import Act.

Thailand is a Member State of the United Nations and puts significant effort into implementing UN resolutions designed to achieve international peace and security by supporting the process of arms control and disarmament.

Intaero Co. Ltd. has a formal compliance procedure in place to ensure that there is communication and discussion and publication of documents, statements and criteria to support our Internal Compliance Program (ICP) system as specified by the Department of Foreign Trade.

Intaero Co. Ltd. carries out thorough investigations into whether our products are subject to the export control laws and regulations of Thailand or the countries we export to and we are careful to verify all end-users and all transactions. We fully investigate whether there is any risk that the products and / or technology we export will be used for purposes other than those intended, such as weapons development, or misuse of dual-use items.

All personnel are made aware of the importance of our product control procedures and the importance of complying with Thai laws both inside and outside the organization.

Squadron Leader James Giles RAF(Retd)
Managing Director

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